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Meat the Next Company Limited

Meat the Next Co. Ltd. is found in 2020. We are a food technology company, which provides alternative protein solutions to fulfil the market needs by creating a new generation and sustainable plant-based products. We have selective raw material extraction techniques and advanced fermentation food technology. Our MVP to be launched will be dairy-free products.

Our Thesis

Climate change threatens both human and planetary health, potentially impacting global food production, increasing the risk of infectious diseases, and displacing entire populations whose homes would be underwater. [ref] The poor, disadvantaged, or otherwise underrepresented communities are likely to experience the first and worst impacts.

On a positive note, the level of systematic change required to address this issue is an enormous opportunity. Reports of annual investment required to hit net zero targets are as high as $9.2 trillion annually over the next

In order to stop this vicious cycle and begin to restore our world, we need to address the following three areas:

Vision & Mission

To drive systemic change to create a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive world.

Build decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) to reward climate action, empower innovation, and ensure accountability.

Green Token Community Will:

Build a globally recognizable community platform where all people can contribute to a sustainable future, where the token $GREEN will become the currency for all community activities

Distribute $GREEN to businesses and individuals to incentivise them to do more

Support verified and meaningful startups and community projects through $GREEN contributions

Hold all members accountable to their environmental performance

Be a community for the humanity, run by our community through the community DAO