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How Do I Get $GREEN?
There are two main ways to be able to secure our social token, $GREEN Individuals will receive $GREEN as a reward for making sustainable consumer choices or participating in Green Token events. Green Token and our partner companies will transfer $GREEN into your crypto wallet. After the token listed on a decentralised exchange you will be able to swap it for other tokens at Uniswap and Pancake Swap.
Do Cryptocurrencies have a high carbon footprint?
There has been a lot of coverage about the high energy consumption of crypto tokens. This is mostly due to the ‘Proof of Work’ consensus methodology. Our token $GREEN is an ERC20 token bridged to the Polygon and BSC networks. These networks have ‘Proof of Stake’ consensus methodology and are estimated to use 99% less energy.
Who Can join the Community?
The Green Token community is built for $GREEN token holders to drive sustainable action and further increase the capacity for Green Token to make a difference. This means that holders of $GREEN token can join the community.
Who can partner with the Green Token Community
Green Token can not do this alone. We are looking for groups to help advise the community on future strategy and investment, and for business that want to use our token $GREEN as their rewards system to create a consumer led push to meet their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. If you’re interested in partnering with the community, please reach out and let’s create something amazing together.
Where can I use Green Token?
$GREEN is the social token of the community, it facilitates interactions and rewards action within the platform. Tokens also have real world utility for online and offline transactions with Green Token Partners, as the Green Token Community expands there will be more and more places to exchange your $GREEN for good and services. Large Holders of $GREEN will be invited to participate in supporting sustainable startups with token, fiat and expertise.
Where can I donate Green Token?
Through the community platform you will be able to select a cause that best connects with your environmental values and ideals.

Be Part Of A New Movement For Good

Right now, we’re failing the needs of humanity and our future by doing long-term damage to our environment. From the resources we use to the way we produce food, and everything in between; we must work towards a more sustainable future now.

By joining Green Token, you’re committing to a movement for good using Web 3.0.

Help us make this mission a reality.